Upgrade Dark Self-Weeding Dark no cut T-shirt transfer paper

1.no need cutting
2.dark t-shirt transfer paper

Nanjing Transfer2Paper Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

Transfer2Paper is a branch of Hanrun Paper, special for heat transfer vinyl products. Hanrun Paper is one of biggest coating factroy in China, the main products is sublimation paper. Under Allen leadership, who is come from Sigapore, our market expansion increased quickly and heat transfer products sales increasing speedy, so we start to have an individual brand Transfer2Paper and invest individual coating lines for the heat transfer media, specially for the heat transfer vinyl production.
We now have 2 coating lines for heat transfer vinyl and printable heat transfer vinyl production, we can produce 25000m length heat transfer vinyl per day, and we have 2 slitting machines for roll size and sheet size cutting.
We supply all types of heat transfer vinyl and can make customized your colors.
Our main products are heat transfer vinyl, printable heat transfer vinyl, t-shirt transfer paper.
We aim to look your wear is made by Transfer2Paper products, you are unique to have vinyl.
Our king products are Glitter heat transfer vinylReflective heat transfer vinyl, and Flocking heat transfer vinyl. 
We have more than 100+ different colors of glitter heat press vinyl.
And, we also accept Customized colors for you among different heat transfer vinyl types. 
We are manufacturer, OEM service available. We are looking for wholesaler for our products. 

OKI Self-Weeding Dark No Cut T-shirt Transfer Paper(AB paper)

We can offer laser t-shirt transfer paper and inkjet t-shirt transfer paper. Our dark self weeding (AB paper) transfer paper is easy print on OKI white toner printer, and the paper A and paper B can have good match when make first heat transfer, all paper coating will transferred onto paper A image.

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Our inkjet printer solution for dark t-shirt

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