Super-Latex PRO 1200 DTF Printer

Industrial Latex (DTF) Printer (Four in one)
3 different types

-High efficiency and fast speed
-High pattern precision
-Soft touching feeling
-Mass production
-Easier to use and Higher success rate
-Save labor and time, one step in place
Description -How to use
Description -How to use

Featuring the 1.2m Super Latex PRO DTF Printer (with printing area 1200mm) and POWDER MACHINE (with longer tunnel and auto-powder recuperation). This DTF PRO printer can freely print the designed pattern on the coated PET film, then transfer the pattern on T-shirt by sprinkling the powder and drying on the pattern. The Super Latex PRO DTF printing device is the market's most advanced DTF solution. In comparison to other hardware systems, the Super Latex PRO DTF Printer has a lot of advantages compares to other machines(including Toner Transfer, or even high-end DTG). 
Works on both white and dark textiles and works with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, leathers, denim, and more).





Intelligent System and 20% higher printing efficiency

Combine printing, shaking and heating into one machine 

Stable printing performance with high quality

Easy operation and reduce labor expenses

The printing nozzles are not easily getting blocked and the print heads are easy to clean up

#  Ink Tank Continuous Feed System






Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

Customzied wood products 

Hard surface (for example:metal and glass)








Considering the complexity of the production process, we launched this printer, special for latex printing. This machine combined the inkjet printer and shaking powder machine, sloved the limitation of the number of the machine. This innovation make the two machines into one, improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor cost.



Work Flow



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Using process:

Double-head printing: after finish color printing, it is recommended that the white ink circulation to ensure the smoothness of the ink.
Use process: pattern directly digital printing on the film-sprinkle hot melt powder-shake powder-dry melt powder-heat pressing.



Printing suggestions:

At present, most inkjet printers are available except for desktop printers
Pressing conditions: 150-170℃, time 8-15 seconds
Tear off method: cold tear



Storage environment: Relative humidity 35-65%, temperature 10-30°C, sealed indoor storage, avoid direct sunlight, shelf life 1 year.


Precautions for washing: We recommend washing the transferred T-shirts separately with ordinary detergent and cold water. Do not mix with other clothes at the same time. Do not dry clean or bleach. Please do not rub the transfer parts. Dry them immediately after washing. Or use a dryer to dry. After washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, you can cover the image with greaseproof paper and iron it again. Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron.