Inkjet Light T-shirt Transfer Paper 2.0

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Light paper can be cutted for the first time
-Super elastic
-Super soft
Description -How to use -Certification -Hot Sale
Description -How to use -Certification -Hot Sale

Inkjet Light T-shirt Transfer Paper(Version2.0)

Inkjet light transfer paper (Version2.0)is suit for 100% Cotton. Support inkjet printer, can use a #household iron# to easily transfer the pattern to the fabric. After transfer, image has bright and beautiful colors, and the surface is soft, flexible, washable, and can be in contact with the skin. Suitable for DIY your personalized white or light-colored T-shirts, hats, aprons, bags, etc.

Equipment Used: Inkjet printer; Heat press machine  

Recommended FabricsCan only be used on light colored fabrics, must be pressed


Usage Guidelines




Key Product Features

# Without mirror printing:
   When printing, you don’t need to print by mirror, you can press with an iron, the pattern will be more vivid after transfer
# Can be carved with a knife to make hollow:
  It can be used for knife engraving and hollowing out, which solves the limitation that light T-shirt paper cannot print the changeable pattern
# Washable:
   After washing, the pattern will not be deformed

# Cuttable:
  Light transfer paper can be cutted for the first time

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How to use:

Take Epson desktop printer as an example:
(1) Print the images with mirror printing
(2) Adjust the pressure of the transfer machine, set the transfer temperature and time
(3) Put the clothes evenly on the heat press machine, ironing, time: 5 seconds
(4) The printing pattern is flatly attached to the fabric downward, and the heating plate of the heat press machine is pressed down
(5) Hot Peel: remove the bottom paper after the pressing time is up
(6) If you need a softer feel, you can stretch the pattern as a whole while it’s hot, don’t pull it locally


The Process of Iron Transfer Printing:

(1) Put the transfer paper into an inkjet printer and print it with mirror printing. After drying, cut the unprinted part and leave 0.5cm white edge to avoid the ink oozes and stains clothes. The image is placed face down on the fabric and the iron is ironed through the copy paper or ironing gauze.
(2) Please perform ironing work on a stable surface, and require the carrier to be able to withstand sufficient pressure. 
(3) After the iron temperature reaches the maximum temperature, start ironing.
(4) Press the back half of the iron firmly on the spacer and move it evenly and slowly for a few minutes. Pay attention to extra force when ironing the corners of the transfer paper, otherwise the best results will not be achieved.
(5) After ironing, iron the entire transfer paper quickly and tear off the backing paper while it is hot. The transfer is completed.


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