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Why should you choose Transfer2paper paper to Join DTF Industry

Recently, it is not difficult to find that DTF printers have set off a great upsurge all over the world. We believe that this new technology will gradually change the heat transfer industry, and Transfer2paper can provide you with a complete DTF solution. From pre-sales to after-sales, Transfer2paper will continue to escort you.

For our DTF printing film, we can provide single-sided and double-sided DTF films of two different materials, which are suitable for customers with different requirements. For customers with high requirements for effects, we will recommend double-sided dtf printing film, and for customers with low requirements for effects and limited budgets, we will recommend single-sided DTF printing film. There are also two different thicknesses of 75μ and 100μ.

Similarly, we have developed two types of hot-melt powders, coarser hot-melt powder and finer hot-melt powder, according to the needs of different customers. Customers can choose the right powder according to their actual needs.

Before,the printing width of our DTF printer was 600mm, we believe that the production efficiency of such a wide format machine is not high enough, so we recently launched a 1200mm wide format printer, the printing efficiency is twice the previous, to help our customers Speed ​​up production. At the same time, our powder shaking and drying all-in-one machine has also been upgraded, which is faster than the previous drying speed.

At the same time, we found that different customer groups use different RIP software. Our Maintop software has a simple and generous interface, easy to operate, and easy to use.

DTF technology will still have a lot of room for development in the next few years. Pure color lettering film and eco-solvent will inevitably be replaced by DTF technology in the future. Join this industry as soon as possible, and work hand in hand with Transfer2paper. Trust us and choose us that We can take customer resources into our own hands earlier.

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