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Upgraded version of DTF ink

The DTF printing solution has the characteristics of low investment threshold, simple process, no hollowing, no waste discharge, and easy operation. It has been popular since last year and has become a new heat transfer method with mature application solutions. However, with the introduction of the 4-head printing machine, problems such as ink diffusion, ink penetration, and oil residue after ink drying have generally occurred during the use process.

Transfer2Paper keeps up with the market development trend and continues to make efforts in ink research and development. In order to meet market demand, it has launched a new type of DTF ink. It can solve the above-mentioned common problems, improve the hiding power of white ink, and can also adapt to low PASS and large ink volume printing.

· High color density, bright colors, clear small print(2-3mm)
· White ink has good whiteness and stronger hiding power
· Suitable for large ink volume printing on the 4-head machine, white ink and color ink compatibility is good, ink will not spread or penetrate
· High color fastness to wet and dry rubbing, washing colorfastness, and perspiration fastness (above level 4)
· After the printed product is stored, there will be no oil residue in the pattern
· Adapt to a variety of printable films, smooth and good performance

How to use (160℃ 10s)

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