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Transfer2paper:Second Day On Shanghai APPPEXPO

On the second day of the Shanghai APPPEXPO, the heat of the exhibition continues to rise. Although many of our foreign friends were unable to come to China to participate in this exhibition due to the epidemic. But this did not affect the increase in popularity of the exhibition and the high enthusiasm of Hanrun team. When we come to our booth, the salesmen were warmly receiving customers, answering questions, and exchanging contact information. Here we would like to thank those customers who accepted our invitation and still come to the exhibition. Now let’s take a look at what surprises our hosts Monica and Kyle brought to us today.

What they are talking about in today's video?

The design concept of our booth.
Three new products launched in the first half of 2020.
Printing effect of fast dry sublimation paper.
Key introduction of R&D department.
The advantages of industrial light jumbo roll sublimation paper

Whether you are here to buy products, or looking for new partners, or want to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market, you can find satisfactory answers at Hanrun Paper's exhibition booth.

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