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Things you need to know about Latex(DTF) ink

Recently, for the first time, a certain bureau implemented a double-penalty system for violations of construction projects, fined 200,000 yuan for a printing factory that violated the 《Regulations on the Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects》, and 50,000 yuan for the person in charge of the project.

During the “Blue Sky Defence Station” operation, it was detected that a factory's toluene value exceeded the standard, and it was put into use without authorization without going through the environmental impact assessment approval procedures and the environmental protection facilities that needed to be constructed were not accepted, violating relevant regulations, and Evading supervision for a long time, the scene environment is very harsh.

As an enterprise that actively undertakes social responsibilities, Hanrun has always strengthened the concept of environmental protection in production and developed high-quality environmentally friendly products.

Recently, Hanrun has developed a new ink, which is suitable for latex printing(DTF).

DTF technology uses pigment ink C,M,Y,K and White ink, here is the detailed info:

Compatible Printers Compatible for all Epson and Ricoh printhead
Product Number IM-DTF PET Film Printing Ink
Features • Excellent washing (level4-5) and light fastness (level5-6)
• Easy process: Direct print to textile->heat ->finish
• Printing smooth, no printhead jam
• High efficiency, can greatly reduce the fabric and paint waste
• Environmental materials guarantees, no harm to Human and Environment
Ink Color cyan, magenta, black, yellow, white
Ink type Water based ink
Qty/Carton 20pcs/ctn 1L
Manual Easy process: Direct print to textile-> heat ->finish
Printing smooth, no printhead jam
High efficiency, can greatly reduce the fabric and paint waste
Environmental materials guarantee no harm to Human and Environment
Expire time 1 years
Storage&Operating Condition store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Application • Apply for sport apparel, soft signage, home decor, flag & banner etc.
• Cotton, linen, polyester, blended, Lycra, PU, nylon for direct printing.
Note When changing old ink to Inkmall ink each color should be flushed before replacing InkMall ink.

Environmentally-oriented design concept! This ink has a good printing effect and can print out a stable and consistent image effect. Reliable performance can greatly reduce waste and downtime. This dtf ink color gamut is wide, the color is bright and vivid, and the ink layer is light and thin, which can maintain the original color and texture of the medium and improve the printing effect of the ink. The use of latex ink can greatly extend the service life of the print head.

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