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The whole solution of DTF printing

The DTF technology has set off a craze in the industry, and many new players have begun to step into the industry. As one of the explorers of this technology, Transfer2Paper can provide our customers with complete solutions. We can meet different customer needs.

DTF printer

You can use DTF printer to freely print any designed pattern on the coated PET film and transfer them on most of garments, which is very high efficient. Transfer2Paper can provide with mini DTF printer, 600mm DTF printer and 1200 pro DTF printer to fit different needs. Our DTF printer combines printing, shaking powder and baking into one machine and they are environmental friendly. The printing speed is high and the quality is very stable. When our DTF printer working with our DTF ink the print nozzles are not easily getting blocked.They will be more and more popular in the following days.

Super-latex DTF film

Super-Latex DTF Film is a product launched by Hanrun Paper in July 2020. Which has a soft touch feeling, stable printing ablity, bright colors, Suitable for printing small words washing labels ,suitable for most kinds of garments and much more environmentally friendly. It can directly use DTF pigment ink and hot melt adhesive powder to achieve large-scale fast heat transfer production without cutting, and realize low-cost high-effiency applications. It can be highly efficient Large-scale production, reduced labor costs, simple operation, and high-quality effects. We also can provide with warm/cold peel 2 types of film for different needs.

DTF pigment ink:

This waterbase pigment ink Super Latex® DTF Ink is designed for printing on DTF, or direct transfer film, which is a new technology for garments heat transfer-digital heat transfer. Our ink is High color density and it has bright color and good fluency. No blocking the print nozzle and bleeding after printing. So you don’t need to worry about rubbing. Our white ink doesn’t cast color and it has a strong covering ability. The finished garment will not residue oil.

Hot melt powder:

This powder is designed for printing on DTF, or direct transfer film, which is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer-digital offset heat transfer. Hanrun paper can provide you with 3 types of hot melt DTF powder(fine particle\medium particle\black medium particle)for various choices. Our powder shakes clean and without residue.It will form a adhesive layer after the DTF printing process and suits for different types of films. It’s environmental friendly and can be used for most kinds of garments like personalized T-shirts, team clothes, Work clothes, advertising shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The image transferred has color retention and resistance to multiple washing.

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