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The difference between Ecosolvent and DTF Printable Film

There are often various patterns on the T-shirts we wear every day, and we can clearly see that the effects of the patterns printed by different printing processes are different. For example, the flocking printing company, the printed pattern is three-dimensional, and has the effect of imitating plush, and digital direct injection can perfectly print the desired complex pattern with relatively small color difference.The heat transfer printing process is also relatively common.
Next, Transfer2paper will introduce you the difference between ordinary heat transfer and offset heat transfer. Mainly the difference between Ecosolvent and DTF Printable Film.

1. Process difference

Thermal transfer heat transfer is to first print the pattern on the Ecosolvent . After it dries, use the engraving machine to walk the outline. The pattern that needs to be printed on the clothes is separated, and the transfer film is used to stick it. Get up and place it on the clothes to be printed, heat it on the surface of the clothes or other fabrics with high temperature and high pressure, leave the pattern, tear off the transfer film, and complete the heat transfer process. This method is called "heat transfer", also called "Thermal transfer heat transfer".

Offset heat transfer needs to be produced in large quantities, because offset heat transfer needs to be printed with a large four-color printing machine, and then back glue is applied after printing. Both the plate-making fee and the start-up fee are relatively high, and usually at least 500 pieces each time can use this process, otherwise the cost is too high. Offset heat transfer no longer needs transfer film when printing, because the printing pattern itself is on the film, directly placed on the position to be printed, high temperature press, and then tear the film to complete the printing. This film is our super latex--PET Printable Film.

2. The specific difference between ordinary thermal transfer and offset:

(1) In terms of cost, ordinary heat transfers are cost-effective for those with a small quantity, and offset heat transfers are cost-effective for large quantities. These are more complicated than the color, if it is a monochrome printing, of course the screen is more cost-effective.

(2)There is no need to add background color to offset heat transfer. Normal heat transfer will generally add background color to better engrave the outline.
3. Offset heat transfer is better in color performance because of the large printing press used.

In summary, latex has higher production capacity, can save time and cost, and is simple to operate. If you are interested in our products, you can leave your contact information.

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