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Take you to understand the major characteristics of DTF

In response to the vigorous development of the customization industry and the cultural and creative industry, the demand for small and diverse printing of various commodities is gradually increasing, and printing technology is constantly being introduced. In response to the current market demand, Hanrun will guide you to understand the very popular DTF Printing. "DTF" generally refers to a printing technique that is first printed on PET(DTF-Super-Latex PET Printable Film) film and then transferred.

Three advantages
Because the printing effect of DTF is as bright and detailed as a photo, it is like directly ironing a photo or painting on the fabric. The color effect can achieve the photo effect, and the detailed processing can be done at one time. The new technology is being affected by many textile manufacturers and can be regarded as a re-evolution of traditional textile printing.

In addition to its excellent color performance, DTF can also be applied to a variety of high-temperature-resistant fabric materials, such as socks, canvas shoes, hats, T-shirts, canvas bags, and other products, which can meet the needs of a small number of diverse peripheral commodities in many companies and small studios. The cheap price of DTF and the simple operation process can help these companies to print their products on their own.

DTF has a dedicated printing ink, combined with meticulous and high-quality hot-melt adhesive powder, to transfer the finished product that is washable, stretchable, and has good colorfastness. As long as high-temperature baking is avoided, the bright color and integrity of the pattern can be maintained for a long time.

DTF VS Heat Transfer Vinyl
DTF transfer technology requires the use of thermal transfer release film. The thermal transfer release film is to apply silicone release agent on the surface of materials such as PET, OPP, and PE film. DTF is the transfer of PET film(DTF-Super-Latex PET Printable Film) with hot melt adhesive powder. The transfer is carried out through the adhesion of hot melt adhesive powder and ink, making the transfer more efficient.

The Heat Transfer Vinyl is generally used with a cutting machine. The graphics that need to be transferred are cut off through the cutting machine and then transferred to the substrate by the heat transfer machine to heat and press. Compared with DTF technology, it cannot presents colorful and exquisite graphics, often used in the transfer of jerseys and T-shirts.

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