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Super-latex DTF Printer the best choice for your business!

This is our Hot selling product Super-latex DTF film.Our latest DTF Printers can be printed on cotton, silk, polyester, denim and more. As the DTF technology progresses, it is not to be denied that DTF storms the print sector. Compared to traditional printing processes, it is fast becoming one of the most popular technologies for textile prints. The print effiency will be highly upgraded.

DTF is also called a Direct Transfer Film, and works through the printing of heat transfers to a range of clothing (and other substrates). Many compatible textiles are available, including cotton, nylon, leather, polyester and 50/50 mixes. This is different from the DTG technology that works only for cotton. So this printer works on a much broader substratum and is the most versatile digital printer on the market. DTF printers work on white and dark clothing and you have to press on the expensive A+B paper without having to work, as with the white toner printers.

Film printers for direct transfer also combine reliability, outstanding quality and high productivity. They can handle large volumes of production that are vital in this rapidly growing sector. Contrary to DTG technology, most people prefer DTF printers because they are economical and no pre-treatment is required. DTF powder and DTF sheets are required for quality results to print transfer films, and DTF Ink of course.

Another benefit of DTF printing is that it is highly sustainable compared to traditional prints. There is no doubt that there is increasing emphasis on sustainability in the fashion industry. Look no further than DTG if you're looking for top-quality, affordably high volume DTF printers to meet your needs.

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