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New multifunction heat press machine(2)

This 5 in 1 Mug Press is a large production volume mug press integrated with 5 individual mug heaters. These heaters can either work independently or simultaneously. With the efficient heating technologies, this machine is the best solution for people who need mass production in a limited time.

Operating Handle
The lever handle was made out of stainless steel with human engineering design.

Easy Pressure Adjusting
The easy pressure adjusting function uses spiral steel pipe as the adjustment device offering stepless pressure adjustment.

Individual Switches
There are 5 individual switches on this machine to control the mug heaters, each heater can be On/Off independently without any other trouble operating.

Digital Control
The digital control panel is the controlling centre of temperature and time.

Nanjing Transfer2Paper Digital Technology is a coating factory for heat transfer media.We supply media paper,printing ink,cutter plotter,heat press machine for heat transfer solutions.
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