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New multifunction heat press machine(1)

Best selling combo heat press machine 8 in 1

This digital Combo Heat Press Machine (8 in 1) / Multifunctional Heat Press Machine (8 in 1)is a multipurpose based upon a swing-away heat press, which has all of the digital controller of temperature, time and automatic alarm.

The machine is of strong steel board. The specialty of this digital combo lies in its easily interchangeable system of heat platens and tables. It utilizes quick-change attachments for heat transferring images onto a surprisingly various wares.

The interchangeability of the heat press is performed quickly and safely. If your material is going to reach beyond just flat and fabric items, it is the superior heat press solution.
The mug attachment for this machine allows the imprinting of mugs' full surface at a time.With dye sublimation transfers, full wrapped images can be perfectly applied in multiple pressings, In 8 in 1 three extra Mug attachment are included which can print different Mug sizes.

The plate modular platens feature quickly inter-changeable components for allowing the circular heating element to press inside ceramic plates. Also included is a template tray and pad for centering the plate.

The cap attachment could print any photo,control easily,good effect.

By using the Flat Heat Transfer it can able to print T-shirts, 2D Mobile Covers, Which can gives the premium quality and look.
Due to its swing-away design and wide but accurate adjustment, this machine excels at processing extremely thick items such as plaques, tiles, woods, plastics, and other items that can not be pressed by general T-shirt presses.

Nanjing Transfer2Paper Digital Technology is a coating factory for heat transfer media.We supply media paper,printing ink,cutter plotter,heat press machine for heat transfer solutions.

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