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Latex Printable Film

The heat transfer products can more satisfy customers' needs for personalized clothing customization, and the pattern itself feeling more tactile than printing pattern of sublimation paper. And there is no direct relationship between the quantity and the cost. Because It can meet the mass production of the factory or be applied to personal customization. However, it also has a series of shortcomings. For example, the pattern needs to be engraved by a laser cutting machine or the excess area needs to be teared off before transfer.Now we have launched a new product-latex printable film, we believe that this new product will set off a new trend in the future.

What is latex printable film?

It is also a kind of heat transfer products, a translucent PET film. Excepting for desktop printers, it is suitable for almost all digital inkjet printers. It gets rid of the traditional printing process (printing,engraving, waste removal, transfer, finished products.) After being reformed and optimized, a complete cost-effective set of production process appeared before our eyes. Completely machine operating does not need manual waste removal, which greatly reduces labor costs during the production process.

What are its applicable fields?

Customized clothing
Luggage & bags
Clothing trademarks

Washed labels
Peaked caps
all kinds of pure cotton, cotton-polyester fabric, and cotton canvas fabrics.

What are its advantages?

1. The surface is smooth and clean without wrinkles, bubbles, particles and other defects.
2. Excellent ink absorbing ability, especially for water-based ink and paint ink.
3. The color is vivid and complete, and not blur.
4. Adopt new technology, no need engraving, no need tearing redundant pattern.
5. The pattern has strong tensile resistance and tear resistance
6. The producting machines are small footprint and easy operation.
7. No need to make a plate, just print and use.

If you want some samples for testing, or you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with an satisfied solutions. And next time, we will introduce you the entire production process of this new heat transfer product and the machine you need . If you want to know some other knowledge about our company or products, please leave a message to us. if you are intrested , please contact us now info@transfer2paper.com.Thank you very much for reading.

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