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Do you know this heat transfer machines?

Today, we also bring you a new digital heat press machine product -- Magnetic heat press printing machine. You are very necessary to know the charm of this type of transfer machine. This combo heat press machine is very advanced, where is the most different from the lower heat press machine, and I hope you will continue to read.
The appearance of this machine:
说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1804/photo/7d9226358a.jpg
The image of this t shirt press machine is made by the most popular laser cutting frame now. The appearance of this machine is very fashionable and has great appreciation value.
The best point for this t shirt heat press machine is this position:
说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1804/photo/148d324a83.jpg
The display of the touch screen makes it easy to operate.
Heated to the set time can automatically open the heat press machine;
Using gas spring return, lift speed steady;
Electronic temperature control temperature, high accuracy;
Heating wire and hot plate Note as one,
Safe, durable, heat evenly distributed for t shirt press machine;
Hot plate for TELFON (Teflon) on the board;
Time and temperature digital controller;
Combo heat press machine has stress free adjustment;
The lower plate with a pull design, with greater operating space t shirt heat press.
说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1804/photo/c196a240fe.jpg
The use of this heat transfer printing machine is very extensive, stamping products marking, his operating table adapted to the various sizes of personal home textile products, for your DIY idea is very good, and we will look at its operation.

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