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What should we pay attention to before buying heat transfer vinyl?

1. Quality
The heat transfer vinyl bundles on the market today bear different qualities. Needless to mention, you should focus on the high-quality types of vinyl of you don’t want to get frustrated with your end products.
Such materials tend to be durable and do not easily peel off, fade or crack no matter how many times you wash them.
Always trust the user reviews. If you find them blasting a particular product for melting, peeling off or bubbling, that’s enough evidence that the vinyl will disappoint you as well.
Besides a top-quality vinyl should also be thin- the thinner it comes, the easier you’ll be able to cut it by hand or machine and easier it will be to transfer.
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2. Color diversity also matters
When you make vinyl printing part of your life, you’ll be having so many ideas that they might overwhelm you.
Luckily, you can look for vinyl packs that present you with a wider variety of colors. These will bring to any design you have.
Ensure the colors of the set you pick look trendy and practical to meet all your unique project needs.
说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1802/file/16c19fc4ed.jpg

3. Ease of transfer
The heat transfer process always ought to be quick and painless. However, investing in the wrong type of vinyl could give you a hard time transferring your design to various apparels- and ultimately complicate the entire printing process.
To avoid this, I’d highly recommend you to look for the incredibly easy to transfer vinyl. Some of the tell-tale features of vinyl that will attach to your fabrics easily include a lightweight design, sensitivity to low pressure, heat, and thin design.
说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1802/file/4d54184896.jpg

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