Heat Transfer Vinyl

Five Tips For Cutting Our Heat Transfer Vinyl

Recently, I still can hear from some customers that they dont't konw how to cut the heat transfer vinyl easily and correctly, today i will give you 5 tips about how to cut the vinyl easily.

Tip #1: Test Cut
l know l probably sound like a squeaky wheel at this point, but I can never say it enough: test cut, test cut, testcut This simple step is one that even l've been tempted to skip and when it doesn't work out I always regret it. While Transfer2paper products are designed to be easy and we do offer cut setting starting points to test on each product page, settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine. There are several factors that go into your cut settings, so a test cut is going to be your best gauge to see if there are any adjustments needed. l recommend going up in cut pressure/force first before bringing your blade out to a higher setting.

Tip #2: Slow Down
l mean this literally with your cutting speed as well as figuratively with your production pace. Some products and designs can benefit from a slower cutting speed. If you're experiencing dashed cutting lines or areas that just look plain chewed up, it's time to take the speed down a notch or two.
In this industry time is money, but faster isn't always better when it comes to how quickly you race from project to project. In fact, faster can lead to more mistakes which in the end result in lost time and money (the very things you were trying to save) Slow down to ensure your cutting mat or material is loaded evenly underneath the roller bar and pinch rollers.

Tip #3: Clean or Replace Your Blade
Clean accessories are happy accessories! If your design has random spots with missing cut lines, there may be a bit of paper, vinyl etc. stuck inside that's blocking the blade. Checking for errant pieces is different from brand to brand, but most cutters allow you to see the whole blade outside of the blade holder so you can inspect for stowaways.

Tip #4:Clean or Replace Your Mat
As it goes for blades, so it goes for your cutting mat as well. Bits of paper, hair, fuzz, etc. can build up and cause micro bumps in the material that's laid on top which can lead to cutting errors. Whether you decide to clean and re-stick your mat or reach for a fresh one out of the plastic, it will make a difference in the cutting quality.
However, if your cutting mat has deep gouge marks then you’ll want to avoid cutting in that area or officially retire the mat as these little crevices can also create issues.

Tip #5: Check for Updates

lf you're experiencing some especially crazy shenanigans then your software or firmware may be out of date. Silhouette Studio will alert you to a firmware update, but you will need to manually check for software updates.
Ensuring you're running the most up to date versions will eliminate communication issues between your computer and the cutter which in turn should bring an end to the shenanigans.

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