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How to use inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper?

Have you been attracted to t-shirts in various styles in shopping malls? Those beautiful designs and prints have deeply attracted our attention. Those designs are printed on inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper. Many people have doubts about how to use inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper? Let me give you the correct use of the steps below!
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Usage Progress
  1. Select - Plain Paper or Epson Photo Paper - Photo or Premium Photo Accuracy Mode.
  2. The picture can be printed well and can be engraved by a cutting plotter or trimmed with scissors to cover the t shirt transfer paper .
  3. Tear off the bottom of the custom t shirts paper with the pattern facing up and cover the release iron on transfer paper .
  4. Set the shaking head heat press machine to 180 degrees, medium and small pressure for 8-10 seconds.
  5. It is recommended to use dye sublimation ink (water-based ordinary ink), such as grid grid, and other brands of color ghost; not recommended pigment ink (Hongcai 6, Baidu West, etc.), sublimation ink.
  6. For the first wash, please transfer after 6 hours of transfer, do not soak, put the clothes into the water, put in the washing powder or washing liquid, wash directly, rinse, and wring dry.
If you know the operation steps of the above Inkjet dark t-shirt transfer paper, you can make the T-shirt you want. Our company provides you with high-quality Inkjet Dark t-shirt transfer paper, which has unparalleled advantages.
Our dark t shirt inkjet transfer paper material sizeA3 and A4,Special size can be customized.

Suitable for transfer:
polyester-cotton, cotton, chemical fiber,all kinds of jerseys,hoodie, sports jerseys, Down jackets and other dark fabrics.
Particularly suitable for transfer of synthetic fabrics with a smooth, rain-proof layer.
Suitable for a variety of engraving machine engraving, complex patterns can cover positioning film transfer.
Pigment ink or water-based ink can be applied.
Our darkt shirt press paper advantage:
1.Inkjet Dark t-shirt transfer paper is not transparent, strong adhesion, high firmness, super washable.
2.It’s bright colors and high color reproduction.
Dark t-shirt transfer paper is soft to the touch, super elasticity does not crack.

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