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How to save heat transfer vinyl for a longer time?

After hot stamping, some customers will save the production leftovers of the heat transfer viynl, while others ignore it. At the same time, there are two different attitudes towards the finished products of hot stamping, but the details determine the success or failure.
The storage of the heat transfer vinyl and the preservation of the finished products are really important. Here are some points to share with you.

1. Importance of the storage of heat transfer vinyl and the preservation of hot stamped products.
Knowing the storage conditions of the remainders from the production of the heat transfer vinyl can prolong the use time of the heat transfer vinyl. From the company's point of view, it is also possible to use the heat transfer vinyl for the next time, so as to avoid waste of products and save costs
The importance of the preservation of hot stamping products lies in "one foot at the door". The finished product of stamping with heat transfer vinyl refers to the clothes cut or ready-made clothes, some of which need to be reprocessed, and some of which can be sold directly. When buying finished products, customers care whether the products they buy are new, intact and clean. Preservation of hot stamping products will affect customers'desire to buy.

2. Storage conditions of heat transfer vinyl.
Through a large number of tests and statistics, comprehensive analysis of data from various parties, it is suggested that storage conditions should be within 25 degrees, light-proof (can be sealed with black plastic bags or unused products continue to be stored in bags), humidity should be kept between 55 and 65, and pressure-proof (especially after unpacking products and semi-finished products can not be stacked and pressurized). It is advisable to keep them standing or stacked neatly (paper pipe plugs are pressurized); if they need to be stored for a long time, please pay attention to keeping the environment ventilated so that the space air is in circulation and more conducive to preservation.

3. Preservation of heat transfer vinyl products.
Take personalized T-shirt stamping as an example, it is better not to stack the finished product casually. Stacking may lead to the pattern of the engraving film, because the dry film will cause the stacked clothes to stick to each other, resulting in poor stamping effect of the heat transfer vinyl.

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