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How to use A+B self-weeding laser transfer paper?

说明: https://ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com/u_file/UPAC/UPAC837/1907/photo/4f891b3572.jpg

Note:Please read the following instructions carefully before transferring:
1. Using laser printer, if there is white in the pattern, please choose Oki c711wt laser printer. If there is no white in the pattern, you can choose Oki or other brand models.
A+B Self - Weeding Laser Transfer Paper is divided into A paper (blue backmark) and B paper (gray backmark).
3. The surface of B paper (grey backmark) has white film. The size of B paper is slightly smaller than that of A paper. It is easy for B paper to peel off the surface of A paper.
4. Ironing machine, please adjust the temperature and time: 160 degrees, 90 seconds (can be adjusted according to different equipment), moderate pressure.
5. This product is limited to color laser printers.

A+B Self - Weeding Laser Transfer Paper operation steps: A paper mirror printing cutting hollow B paper B paper hollow →A Paper Hollow-out Image is transferred to the fabric as follows:

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