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Happy Halloween! We will hold an online exhibition!

Happy Halloween! Hanrunpaper and Transfer2paper Provide you with personalized customization.

Halloween was originally a festival to praise autumn, just like May Day is a celebration of spring. The priests of ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland, Druids, had a grand festival praising autumn, which lasted for a whole day from midnight on October 31st to November 1st. They believe that on that night their great god of death, Saman, summoned all the ghosts of the people who died that year, and that these evil spirits would be punished as animals. Of course, just thinking of this kind of ghostly gathering was enough to scare those simple-minded fools. So they lit a bonfire that soared to the sky and watched these evil spirits closely. This is how the saying that there are witches and ghosts everywhere on Halloween. In some isolated areas of Europe, there are still people who believe this is true.
To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, otherwise they will trick or treat. At the same time, it is said that on this night, various ghosts and Beasts will dress up as children and mix into the crowd to celebrate the coming of Halloween, and humans will dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious.

But how can cosplay become the focus of the crowd?
Our company can provide personalized customization, choose any pattern you want, and print it on your clothes.

From 10.20 to 21, we have arranged an online exhibition with Halloween as the theme. Welcome everyone to watch it on our Facebook.In this live broadcast, our sales staff will show you our products and answer your questions. Through this live broadcast, you can learn more about our products.

We will tell you how our T-shirt heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl can be used for Halloween decoration.

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