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Hanrun Customer Experience Center

The Hanrun Customer Experience Center was officially completed and put into use in January 2021. At present, the domestic printing Hanrun Customer Experience Center and dyeing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. What digital printing can do when facing the epidemic is accelerating the digital transformation. Hanrun hopes to use its 12 years of professional experience in the industry to contribute to the digitalization of China's printing industry. The completion of the Hanrun Customer Experience Center is also a key step in opening up a closer cooperation relationship with customers and partners and discussing digital printing technology together.

The Customer Experience Center is mainly composed of a professional product quality inspection team led by general manager Allen, dedicated to providing customers with product information including new product development, quality testing, product reports, and providing customers with professional digital solutions.
At present, the product experience center is divided into two areas. The largest area is the equipment display experience area. In this area, we are equipped with four large-format printers: 1.8m four-head sublimation printer, MIMAKI JV33 sublimation printer, MIMAKI JV33 Eco-Solvent printers, EPSON sublimation printers, the latest DTF printer, and several desktop ink printers and desktop laser printers for printing single sheets; a large roller heat transfer machine for transferring fabric. The equipment display experience area is mainly used to show customers the printing effects of machines and consumables, new product sample testing, and quality inspection.

The other is a working area dedicated to new product development and quality inspection, equipped with various product quality inspection tools. We are constantly working hard to realize product optimization and upgrading through real-time information interaction with customers on market development trends, and provide customers with high-quality customized sublimation products.

In addition, we have a good after-sales service system. Our professional technical team will provide all customers with online and offline technical support and after-sales service, and provide one-stop and cost-effective digital printing solutions for customers, and provide timely treatment and answers to various technical problems encountered by customers during purchase and use.

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Recently, we have held several online live broadcasts to show customers the complete production equipment of Latex PET Film (DTF), demonstrating everything from on-machine, printing, powder shaking, drying and winding, transfer to fabric. The process showed everyone its fast printing speed, high productivity, no waste discharge, bright colors, and the ability to process extremely fine images. Hanrun provides all customers and industry partners with the latest full set of DTF digital printing technical support. Everyone can intuitively feel the huge positive impact of this new material and new technology on production efficiency and finished product quality.

We also have a show room for our clients to get a close look of our products.

In recent years, the textile industry has gradually transformed to digital, intelligent, and innovative, and the sublimation market has gradually upgraded to “strong, high, and fast”. Welcome everyone to work with Hanrun to bring high-efficiency and environmentally friendly products to the enterprise, while promoting the high-quality development of the digital printing industry, and exploring new opportunities for the digital printing industry to transform.

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