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First day in APPP EXPO

APPP EXPO officially opened today!
For this event, Transfer2paper has made sufficient preparations. First of all, our booth layout is different from the past, and we have made great changes. The products on display are rich in variety, and the way they are placed is full of ingenuity. This time we also brought many finished products, such as T-shirts and printed fabrics, to let everyone intuitively feel the effects of our products. Our large LED screen loops the product videos we shoot, which has attracted the attention of many people.

Although today is the first day, many people came to the exhibition site, and we also felt the enthusiasm of everyone. Many people are attracted by our products and ask about the details. The most popular products are DTF products and sublimation paper.

Today we also held a new product unveiling ceremony, which is the cabinet type powder shaking machine and DTF A3 printer. Both of these machines are products developed by us after upgrading the DTF technology. They occupy a smaller area, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
Click the following video, you will see the grand occasion of the first day at APPP EXPO!

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