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Transfer2Paper Industrial is a branch of Hanrun Paper(one of biggest coating factroy in China. Our position is to make the best heat transfer vinyl and provide the best digital print service. We have all the links from raw material production to manufacturer to sales. Our goal is to make the heat transfer industry more professional and transfer all your creative with transfer2paper.
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About Transfer2Paper
Heat transfer vinyl and transfer paper manufacturer in China.
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Keep The Fashion Sustainable
The fashion industry is the second-largest industrial polluter after aviation, contributing up to 10% of global pollution. Despite the widely circulated environmental impact, the industry continues to grow.Among the effects of the fashion industry are the
September Thu.2020
What a happy day--Transfer2paper team building activity
In order to thank all employees of the company for their hard work for a year, strengthen the culture construction, and improve the cohesion between the various departments of the company. Transfer2paper held a team-building activity in Tangshan Mine Park
September Tue.2020
The differences between HTV and Sublimation paper
‘Heat transfer’ is a great way to custom some unique creations. As we can see, our company sells many raw materials related to heat transfer printing. Today I will tell you the difference in application between HTV and sublimation paper.
September Thu.2020