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Transfer2paper is a manufacture from China that has been engaged in the heat transfer industry for more than 10 years, with customers in many countries around the world. Committed to providing customers with cost-effective heat transfer vinyl and heat transfer paper, as well as brand new DTF series products. Transfer2paper will also provide customers with customized and high-quality services. Looking forward to your consultation!
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New Technology In Heat Transfer Industry
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The Difference between DTF and UV DTF Printing
Recently, Transfer2paper launched two new products, UltraUV 6090 DTF UV Printer and UV DTF film. Many customers have come to inquire about this new product. However, many friends have also wondered, what is the difference between the UV DTF printing  and 
September Thu.2021
Transfer2paper 2021 Shanghai APPP EXPO Review
Transfer2paper's participation in this exhibition also came to a successful conclusion and gained a lot. We brought our latest DTF one-stop solution at the exhibition, our sublimation papers of different weights, and sublimation inks, as well as our heat
July Thu.2021
First day in APPP EXPO
APPP EXPO officially opened today! For this event, Transfer2paper has made sufficient preparations. First of all, our booth layout is different from the past, and we have made great changes. The products on display are rich in variety, and the way they a
July Thu.2021