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Transfer2Paper Industrial is a branch of Hanrun Paper(one of biggest coating factroy in China. Our position is to make the best heat transfer vinyl and provide the best digital print service. We have all the links from raw material production to manufacturer to sales. Our goal is to make the heat transfer industry more professional and transfer all your creative with transfer2paper.
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About Transfer2Paper
Heat transfer vinyl and transfer paper manufacturer in China.
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How to be the brightest person in the dark -Luminous Dark Ink-jet T-shirt Paper
When attending a party, wearing a fluorescent T-shirt with a special design will make you to be the center of attention. However, do you make Luminous T-shirt by yourself? Well, today I will teach you how to make a luminous T-shirt, let you wear your own
August Fri.2020
Transfer2paper bring you to the EXPO:2020Guangzhou CITPE
This year, Transfer2paper attend this EXPO and bring you to this EXPO, we will have Facebook board casting tomorrow! We will spend the whole day to show this EXPO and hope you will enjoy it. If you have any questions and requirements, please feel free to
August Mon.2020
A New Trending Heat Transfer Product-Latex Printable Film
Now we have launched a new product-latex printable film, we believe that this new product will set off a new trend in the future. It is also a kind of heat transfer products, a translucent PET film. Excepting for desktop printers, it is suitable for almos
July Fri.2020