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Transfer2Paper Industrial is a branch of Hanrun Paper(one of biggest coating factroy in China. Our position is to make the best heat transfer vinyl and provide the best digital print service. We have all the links from raw material production to manufacturer to sales. Our goal is to make the heat transfer industry more professional and transfer all your creative with transfer2paper.
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About Transfer2Paper
Heat transfer vinyl and transfer paper manufacturer in China.
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Problems of your vinyl 2
This is the second part of the article previously published in our website « Problems of your vinyl cutter » by us, specialist in textile vinyl. To help you solve the problems generated by the technique, this article will analyze the problems that may ari
November Wed.2020
Frequently asked question (FAQ) of heat transfer paper
Last week, We talked about problems of your cutting plotters, meanwhile we usually find some problems when we are using heat transfer paper too. Here are few common questions about heat transfer papers.
November Tue.2020
Problems of your vinyl cutter
In recent years, heat transfer vinyl printing for T-shirts  has undergone intense development, partly displacing the classic screen printing technique and opening up new possibilities and new markets. Cutting textile vinyl is a technique that requires a v
November Thu.2020