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  Transfer2Paper Industrial is a branch of Hanrun Paper(one of biggest coating factroy in China. Our position is to make the best heat transfer vinyl and provide the best digital print service. We have all the links from raw material production to manufacturer to sales. Our goal is to make the heat transfer industry more professional and transfer all your creative with transfer2paper.
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DTF Printing Solution
New Technology In Heat Transfer Industry
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The whole solution of DTF printing
The DTF technology has set off a craze in the industry, and many new players have begun to step into the industry. As one of the explorers of this technology, Transfer2Paper can provide our customers with complete solutions. We can meet different customer
May Mon.2021
What does DTF mean?
Today, Transfer2Paper will continue our topic about DTF print film. If you haven't read last news, please click here to read the news before. This article will tell you what does DTF mean and the differences between DTG and DTF.
May Fri.2021
Hanrun Obtain CE Marking Certification
As we know, before the machines put into use in the UK and European markets, they are required to be CE Marked under the Machinery Directive. The directive covers not only new machines, but also machines made for personal use, as well as machines that hav
May Fri.2021