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  Transfer2Paper Industrial is a branch of Hanrun Paper(one of biggest coating factroy in China. Our position is to make the best heat transfer vinyl and provide the best digital print service. We have all the links from raw material production to manufacturer to sales. Our goal is to make the heat transfer industry more professional and transfer all your creative with transfer2paper.
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Heat transfer vinyl and transfer paper manufacturer in China.
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Hanrun Paper Exhibition Recall and Plans
The past March was particularly lively for the textile industry. China Textile Federation 2021 Spring/Summer Noodle Accessories Exhibition, Spring Home Textile Exhibition, CHIC Spring Exhibition, Spring/Summer Yarn Exhibition, PH Value Spring/Summer Knitt
April Mon.2021
Hanrun Customer Experience Center
The Hanrun Customer Experience Center was officially completed and put into use in January 2021. At present, the domestic printing Hanrun Customer Experience Center and dyeing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. What digital printing can do whe
April Mon.2021
Take you to understand the major characteristics of DTF
In response to the vigorous development of the customization industry and the cultural and creative industry, the demand for small and diverse printing of various commodities is gradually increasing, and printing technology is constantly being introduced.
April Mon.2021