No Cut Cotton Sub

100% transfer rate cotton sublimation paper

Sublimated cotton solves the problem that sublimated ink is used to wash and discolor cotton fabric, and can realize batch production, at the same time, it solves the problem that the blank part of light T-shirt paper has glue residue on the fabric.

New Update Cotton Sublimation Paper for 100% Cotton Garment
 Sublimation ink can transfer on cotton fabric

ink: sublimation ink
printer: sublimation printer, epson ,ro land ,mimaki
fabric: 100% cotton 
size: A3 A4 ROLL 
Our factory's cotton sublimation paper can transfer onto 100% cotton light colored t-shirt and 100% cotton dark colored t-shirt. 

  200℃   15S
100% transfer rate
 No residue, no fading

Work video

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Jul 16, 2019
Precios del papel en A4 y A3 , envío a Guadalajara, México
Alagi Graphics
Jul 14, 2019
Send details of cotton sublimation paper
Alagi Graphics
Jul 14, 2019
Send details of cotton sublimation paper
José Raúl Huirma Barriales
Jul 14, 2019
Favor de enviar medio para as información
Jul 14, 2019
Quisiera recibir mas informacion al respecto..... gracias