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What kind of film is used for normal heat transfer vinyl?

Separation film is coated with silica gel release agent on the surface of environmentally friendly materials, such as PE, PET, OPP film, so that it can show stable and very light separation force for different organic pressure sensitive adhesives. Different organic pressure sensitive adhesives, such as acrylic adhesives, hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives of rubber systems, etc., require different release forces. The release force and stickiness of product adhesives need to be adjusted to keep them stable during peeling.

Heat transfer manufacturers also have a great impact on the release film, such as the dirty environment in the coating workshop, a lot of suspended substances in the air, poor purification equipment, no dust removal facilities are very bad, coating machine and contact parts to be cleaned up, in the whole process of coating. If the antistatic treatment is not carried out in the coating process, the electrostatic charge will be too large and it will be easy to absorb many impurities. If the hot stamping ink is not filtered, the hot stamping ink itself will have various ingredients or be polluted by facilities, tools and environment in the process of modulation. So good heat transfer vinyl must be strictly controlled from material quality to production environment. Believe us, we are the top heat transfer vinyl factory in China.