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What Is Fashion Custom Heat Transfer?

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Faced with the large-scale printing fashion of the market, I think that you still want to go inside and occupy a little market. I think this is not wise. Why not let yourself break through? Walking on the road that others have not taken, the road to occupying new markets.
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Heat transfer this new market, she has unlimited potential, today takes you into the new world of heat transfer.
First of all, her name is:Tropical print heat transfer,a product from screen printing tropical print.
This is a screen printing tropical print work machine:

Tropical print heat transfer:printing the pigment on paper first, making transfer printing paper, and then transferring the color to the fabric through high temperature (heating and pressing on the back of the paper), generally used for chemical fiber fabrics. It is characterized by bright colors, delicate layers, realistic patterns and strong artistic.

For this kind of product, you only need to hand over the pictures you want to customize. Our factory can directly make the plate. The products you receive only need to have a transfer machine and transfer the reference parameters to the clothes.

Factory Product Kinds:

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