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Thailand Visit Plan

          As we all know, Thailand is a vibrant Southeast Asian country. It is close to China. Its manufacturing and textile industries are well developed. It is a thriving market. We have many heat press customers in Thailand. This time, we decided to sell our products locally and visit this beautiful country We hope more people will know more about transfer2paper and heat tranfer vinyl.
        We will arrive in Thailand on May 22. Our tentative itinerary is to visit customers in Bangkok first and then in Chiang Mai. Because many of our customers have their own factories and shops in the area, we will go back to their shops to give them practical operation and explanation, and introduce our latest technology products. If you need our help, please contact us.
    We will bring our New PVC,and new sublimation paper for test,If you are interest in our products and want One-to-one door service.

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