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2018 3.8 women's Day--New Purchase Festival

The international labor women's Day (IWD) is entitled "United Nations women's rights and international peace day" / "United Nations women's rights and international peace day" in China, also known as "International Women's Day", "38 quarter" and "38 women's Day". It is a festival set up in March 8th every year to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements of women in the economic, political and social fields.
With the change of the times, women manage everything in their homes and start to save money for their families to buy goods, and gradually become the focus of all industries on this day, and gradually form a shopping day. Today our company launches the latest product--heat transfer machine for t shirts, come to see, you must not expect.
New Product:
#Pneumatic Heat Press Machine tshirt fabric garments heat press machine

#Magnetic ball press machine(basketball&football)

#Manual Heat Press Machine

#Heat transfer vinyl--Rainbow Hologram heat transfer vinyl

There is a customer order, you are still waiting for what, quick consultation, more concessions, and so on you to ask. We also have an exhibition in Shanghai Appp in March. Welcome!

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