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    Located in the beautiful Nanjing Xuzhuang Industrial Park, Transfer2paper is a large-scale and professional supplier of heat transfer materials with seven years'history of foreign trade, which integrates product development, factory production, marketing promotion and brand operation. The products cover heat transfer vinyl, cotton sublimation paper, printable vinyl and T-shirt transfer paper. Our factory has two students. The production line can produce up to 30,000m heat transfer vinyl per day, and we accept special customized service. We have been using the most professional technology and the most sincere service to impress customers, our goal is to let your creativity be transfered by us.

Production process

What is Hothin®PU?
This is a new type of 2019, the thickness of
Hothin®PU heat transfer vinyl only 10c(0.1mm) , is an upgraded version of the basic PU, with excellent ductility, the appearance is covered with 1.5mm diameter round holes to achieve hollow effect, while the protective film will automatically fall off after transfer printing, do not peel, greatly reducing the difficulty of work.

Use process of heat transfer vinyl

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