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About us
About us

We are a Chinese factory devoted to the research and development and production of heat transfer vinyl.

Transfer2Paper is a branch of Hanrun Paper,which located in Nanking China.Hanrun Paper is one of biggest coating factroy in China for sublimation paper since 2009.As our market expansion increased quickly and heat transfer products sales increasing speedy, so we start to have an individual brand Transfer2Paper and invest individual coating lines for the heat transfer media, specially for the heat transfer vinyl production.

We have a professional production team and product R&D team to ensure the independence and timeliness of our products. The most important thing is that the heat transfer vinyl we produce is certified by SGS,FSC.

Coating lines

Slitting Room

Storage Warehouse
We have a warehouse can put 1500rolls well packaged heat transfer vinyl rolls. 

We supply all types of heat transfer vinyl and can customize the product according to your preferences.
Today transfer2paper is not only focusing on selling the goods we have,but also on achieving more environmental, professional in the field of heat transfer.

   Our main products: 

  ►Heat transfer vinyl
  ►Cotton sublimation paper
  ►Printable Eco solvent heat transfer vinyl
  ►T-shirt transfer paper. 

   Transfer2paper Inc. – Nanjing, China
   Office:Nanjing, China
   Factory: Taizhou, Hangzhou.
   Factory: Chuzhou, Anhui
   Factory:Xiamen, Fujian
   Factory:Dongguan, Guangzhou

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