A4 cotton sublimation paper for cotton t-shirt

Sublimation cotton transfer paper is a kind of transfer paper for printing white and light colored textiles without a background transfer. This paper solution is very soft and extremely elastic. Suitable for fine and coarse-meshed textiles.
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A coating factory for heat press transfer media. We supply all kinds of heat press transfer media for cotton fabric.we hot product :heat transfer vinyl,heat press machine,printable heat transfer vinyl,cutter machine,eco solvent printer and materiales. 
Our factory has large production line, and can accept a large number of t shirt transfer paper orders. The whole production line has professional technical personnel operation, our t shirt printing paper environmental protection is good, our iron on tshirt paper packaging is complete, shipment packaging is rigorous, well received by customers. We only provide good service. Pay attention to us and understand more.
Transfer2Paper factory focused on impoving and enlarging his printable range(PU & PVC). Compatible with all solvent equipments, the transfer2paper roll is easy to print and cut and transferred with a heat press using application tape. One of its main advantage is its capacity to be applied on special media such as nylon, luggage,etc. This range is declined in different patterns and qualities for dark and light textiles.

A4 Cotton Sublimation Paper for 100% Cotton Garment 
 Sublimation ink can transfer on cotton fabric

ink: sublimation ink
printer: sublimation printer, epson ,ro land ,mimaki
fabric: 100% cotton 
size: A3 A4 ROLL 
Our factory's cotton sublimation paper can transfer onto 100% cotton light colored t-shirt and 100% cotton dark colored t-shirt. 

Cotton Sublimation Paper

Size: A4, A3, 1.05x100m

Sublimation paper for 100% cotton

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